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Rhinoceros 3.0 - 3D Modeller


Rhino is a playground for your imagination and a workbench where your ideas become masterpieces.

With Rhino you can realize your most complex ideas with no need to rely on someone else to interpret them. Create the 3–D model and show the client a rendering before beginning production. Once the design is approved, send it directly to 3-D printing or CAM to produce the model for casting. You can then use traditional techniques for manufacturing.

Rhino's NURBS technology provides the flexibility and accuracy needed for your most innovative, complex, and intricate designs. Besides rings, pendants, broaches, and bracelets, Rhino has the power to make any body ornament that today's demanding customers request.

Rhino can also help manufacture your piece with plug-ins that run CNC machines or print directly to rapid prototyping machines and 3-D printers. Use these tools to quickly and accurately produce wax casting masters or models for silicone molding techniques.


For more information see www.rhino3d.com.


TechGems 4.1 with Signity Gemstones Library is a powerful Plug-In featuring a wide variety of advanced tools for the creation of jewelry and an extensive collection of cuts and gemological materials prepared for use with Rhinoceros  3.0 and Flamingo 1.1.

This latest version of our software, TechGems 4.1, includes a virtual library of precision-cut genuine and created gemstones from the prestigious firm of Signity.

Used in conjunction with rapid prototyping technologies, TechGems 4.1 with Signity will give you unparalleled levels of productivity for the creation of models of the highest quality. Whatever the dimension of your company, whether you are in the business of Costume Jewellery or Haute Joaillerie, TechGems 4.1 with Signity will empower you to reach the highest possible results in jewellery today.

For more information see www.techjewel.com.





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